Craft Coffee


Craft Coffee: A Manual is a comprehensive but accessible guide to making high-quality, handmade coffee at home. It helps you discover what you appreciate in a cup of coffee and how to replicate it day after day through multiple pour-over, immersion, and cold-brew techniques on ten different devices. It was named a top food + drink book of 2017 by The Food NetworkWiredSprudge, and Booklist and has been or will be translated into Russian, Czech, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Complex Chinese.



Craft Coffee: A Manual is available wherever books are sold. If your local store doesn't have it on the shelf, they can order it for you, or try Indiebound,  Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. It’s also available at World Market. If you would like to sell the book in your store or coffee shop, contact orders [at] agatepublishing [dot] com for wholesale prices.


“Provides all the information budding javaphiles need to discover what they like in a cup of specialty coffee—and how to replicate the perfect cup at home.” —The Food Network

"If you're ready to learn more about perfecting your morning cup, this is a great place to start."  —Wired

Build a better brew by mastering 10 manual methods, from French Press to Chemex, with this comprehensive guide.” —Imbibe Magazine

“Easto’s manual for coffee enthusiasts goes beyond mere brew guide to pull back the curtain on the bean itself, coffee processing and roasting, and industry jargon—we’re on to you, tattooed barista. . . . Easto offers a thorough overview of coffee that is never elitist in tone, emphasizing that individual taste should always be one’s guide. . . . Clearly written and comprehensive, this book belongs in every home barista’s tool kit.” —Booklist, starred review

Craft Coffee is a beautifully written guide to improving your home coffee no matter what your brew method or current coffee setup. . . . If this book doesn’t make your brew better, then I’m coming over to your house every morning, because your coffee is already top notch.” —Sprudge

Eliminates the intimidation factor from manual brewing. . . . This guide offers value for new cafés or novice baristas, as well as the casual consumer.” —Fresh Cup Magazine

“There’s nothing quite like home brewing for sheer satisfaction. This book will help brewers to finesse their technique and select the best equipment.” —Perfect Daily Grind

“The small hardcover includes recipes and simply explains how to use equipment and produce tastier coffees.” —Eater Chicago

“A well-rounded presentation of coffee basics in an easily digestible format. From helping readers understand the origins of coffee and how it’s processed, to deciphering the vast array of available brewing methods and how to use them, Jessica and Andreas have put together an engaging resource that holds value for home brewers and professionals alike. Full of wonderful illustrations, convenient tables, and helpful sidebars, this is a coffee book well worth poring over.” —Ellie Bradley, coffee journalist